Our Services

  1. IT - Internet Technology
    Custom tailored IT for your home, corporate and business needs.
  2. Network Security
    Most recent and advanced network security techniques for protecting you valuable information from unwanted intrusions.
  3. Technology Consulting
    Professional guidance on new system purchasing and/or setup.
  4. Corporate Security Seminars
    Keep employees up to date on the latest counter measures against social engineering techniques, hackers and scammers.
  5. Computer Repair
    Repair computer's hardware or software. Installing new or updating an old operating system such as Windows, Mac or Linux.
  6. Smart Phone Repair
    Androids are our specialty. We can fix, root and install custom firmware and/or ROMs and much more.
  7. Private Computer Lessons
    Need help with a specific program or operating system? We can help, we offer many different types of lessons for the new beginner or for advanced system administrators.
  8. White Hat For Hire
    Will hack for money. Do you already have network security in place but want to make sure you have all your bases covered. We offer the most advanced network penetration testing you can find.
  9. Software Development
    Need an app, or maybe a program specifically built to fit a one of a kind need? We can work together in developing exactly what you need.